Welcome to Agapé Missions

The Established Christian Organisation providing mission opportunities in Ireland for ALL visiting USA Church, College and Sports Groups. 

You're Invited!

For large and small teams focused on spreading the Word of God, and assisting with local community development projects in the country of Ireland. A place filled with ancient wonder.

I trust that as you visit our website, you will become familiar with who we are and what we are all about. Whether you’re a group planning a visit from a Church, College or Sports Club. Whether you're a Family, Single, Senior or everyone in-between, we want to warmly welcome you to our Emerald Isle. We want you to feel inspired for our country as you visit and begin to learn more about us. At times, even feel challenged by your own experiences. Seize moments during your time with us to explore our historic past, and seek new adventures that leave treasured memories written just for you.

It’s not all work when you visit Ireland ….

When you visit Ireland, we also want you to take time to relax, have fun, experience Irish culture, see historical sights, wonderful scenery, experience traditional Irish hospitality, create great uplifting memories, and establish life-long friendships.


Visit Ireland and Experience.. 

Spirit, Service and Adventure.

''Time with Agapé Missions is an enriching experience for everyone. It's time very well spent, and our reason to want to visit Ireland again and again! ''

First Baptist Church Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA
''The generous encouragement provided by your team during the last two weeks has been both verbal and practical sunshine. It's warmed hearts and enriched lives in this small rural community.''

Pastor James, Grace Church, New Ross.